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online casinos 24hr onlinecasinosOne of the best online casino portals sites on the internet has to be the one we’ve been using for ‘the ultimate site to go to’ the last ten years or so. This online casino portal is Currently they have completely redesigned their website.

24hr online casinos has been the world’s favorite online casino gambling portal for more than a decade. The site was first launched in 2007 with the aim to feature those online casinos that provide players worldwide with the best online casino gambling entertainment. Online gambling has been around since 1994. 24hr has been around since 2007.

We may have some good casino reviews, we by far have as many good ones as they do. Not only game play of all online casino games was looked at and compared, important factors like safety, security and privacy were thoroughly tested during those years. Not to forget to mention the fact that every online casino featured on the 24hr online casino gambling portal has to be offering certified fair gaming. And, this has always been the case.

Whenever it appeared to be so that an online casino did not meet any of the standards set out by the quality team, it would quickly be removed and current players would be advised about it instantly.

At the time of writing this the 24hr online casino site has 28 Microgaming online casinos, 13 RealTime Gaming online casinos and 7 Playtech casinos reviewed. There are a few more casino sites they mention on their home page. In total, they now feature 48 online casinos.

If you want to know about a good online casino to play your favorite online casino games in, then we highly recommend you visit right now. They categorized the featured online casinos by using the casino software they are powered by. The main online casino categories are:

Microgaming casinos.

These online casinos are not US friendly, but perfect for players residing in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Realtime Gaming casinos:

The best option for the demanding US players.

Playtech casinos:

Playtech Software is known to provide online players with an online gambling environment they can always count on. As stated by

About the new site design:

Some may say, the design is not nice. But, we would like to say: It is functional. And, it is 100% secure and hacker free. Keep it simple does it. It is not about the design or how nice a site may look in someone’s opinion. It is about the real quality it delivers to its visitors.

In the case of 24hr online casinos, these visitors are online gamblers. They are presented with the best online casinos the internet has to offer. NOT based on how much commission is paid to advertise those brands on the site, but rather based on their performances and player experiences.

You can rest assured that with every online casino you may pick from their site, you always are going to be in the best possible hands. Because, the casinos featured on 24hr online casinos are, and we verified it, THE best online casinos!